Saturday, December 6, 2008

4/12....recalled all the memories..that all of us once shared

like ghost's house??

Went back to school for spbt duty that day..
Was very happy to meet all friends again..
Had breakfast with DJ ,YII they all..treated by Pn hwang..She's really nice..
gave us rm50..but we got 7 person also couldn't spend finish the money..
after that returned to school to do a little bit of help out..
not much things to do though,most of the time we talked ...wakaka..

after finishing all the work that needed to be done..
intended to go and cut my fringe ,too long,covered one of my eyes..
but unfortunately the shop was not opened yet..not that early.
no mood to watch twilight ,canceled the plan and went DJ's house earlier instead..
one thing happened in the bus that i would never forget..
Dj and i were too "concentrate on the topic" that we gossip..
we didn't notice that the automatic door opened when the bus stop..
i heard a shout from Dj ,guess wat,her hand was putting on the door..

jANE came to join us in Dj's house after a short while..with her usually cool motorbike..
play WII with they all ...sweating a lot..
had lots of fun ,but had to get used to the controller too..
after that ,since they said" I WAS HUNGRY"
why always me huh??
decided to go to KFC to have our lunch..
talked about many things,some were from primary school memories.
and some were what are currently happening..
miss those days!when we could laugh at the jokes that were not supposed to be funny!

kinda like notice board in KFC..showing all the calories in the food..
i dare not to total up how much i had consumed
isn't that just funny?if someone is going to eat KFC,would the calories things just
scared them customers then

sorry,failed to rotate it...DJ's cousin..kawaiiii
eugene is his name....

he played WII us..hahha
okok...just one last thing i want to mention here..
JANE gave me a fetch back home ..
and her driving skill IS VERY VERY VERY STEADY...

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  1. menzi lee !
    could you pls don always mention about that ~
    and..... i got sth to tell u
    u took a not-vry-short time to walk home.... hahaha....